Dear MSH Friend, Follower, Fan, Patient and Colleague,

I don’t know about you, but I was WASTED by the end of 2020!

COVID-19 brough so many new things to all of us.  At MSH, most of it was good. Incredibly good in fact!

MSH 2020 accomplishments:

– The MSH Team went from 11 to 44 members!
– Where most doctors who are not on the frontlines struggled, we were able to consult MORE patients, because the HPCSA allowed us to consult online and telephonically.
– As a team, we did twenty hours of online training together.  Each member also gained knowledge by attending the SASHA, ESSM, ISSM and other online lectures and trainings.
– Three of our members completed the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare) Global Education Initiative Certification Course to improve and validate our skills in transgender and non-binary healthcare delivery – myself, Dr Jireh Serfontein from our Pretoria branch and Cape Town based Clinical Psychologist, Chantal Fowler.
– I have a weekly slot on the MINKI TV Show where I answer questions that the general public send it.   It has helped MSH to expand our reach drastically. Thank you Minki 🙂
– The MSH Team members were invited onto MANY radio shows, including being featured regularly on 702 at 11h00 on a Friday morning for the day-time sex talk that South Africans have become accustomed to.  You can get the podcasts here.
– Many of our team members showed up with VERY interesting information on Instagram – check out these accounts: @nutureyourvagina, @therapywithcatriona, @dr_jireh as well as the MSH Shop account @my_friend_wants_to_know and my own account @sexologistmom. Most of our team members are on Facebook and Instagram – please go and follow them and show them some love! You can find links to their social pages on their profiles.

It was beautiful to be a part of all of this. It is what I had been dreaming about for ten years!  The execution part made me a bit tired, but after a lovely break on the farm with my family, I am ready to dream big again and take MSH to the next level in 2021!

MSH 2021 Plans:

– We are launching a comprehensive online digital course platform soon. That is right – you can learn about sexual health and earn CPD points through this platform. I had to do degrees oversees and attend many international conferences to gain my knowledge. Thanks to COVID and everybody being comfortable to learn online now, you will be able to gain knowledge about sexual health from the comfort of your own home!  We will do courses for healthcare professionals as well as the general public – WATCH THIS SPACE!

– We will have a SUPERVISION STRUCTURE for Sexual Healthcare Providers.

– There will be more options for MSH Membership.

– We will host frequent FREE webinars on all kinds of interesting topics.

(And then there is the 25th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health coming up in September!)

This is going to be a big year for all of us.  I know 2020 was difficult. 2021 might be even more difficult, but we will try our best to cook up something special if the water gets hot and I hope that you will do the same!

Thank you to every MSH Team Member, patient, colleague, and tribe member for joining me on this journey.  I value your presence here.

Please let me know what you think:

Can I ask you to do one thing for me, please? Please let me know what kind of courses you might be interested in?  Is it “How to deal with a low libido”?  “How deal with Sexual Pain?”  “How to deal with Erectile Dysfunction?” “How to deal with Premature Ejaculation?”  “What to do if you have never had an orgasm?”  “How to deal with Sexual Trauma?” or “How to talk to kids about sex?”  This link will take you to our survey.

I would love to hear from you!

Warm Regards,
Dr Elna Rudolph
MSH Clinical Head

My Sexual Health‘s Sexologist and Clinical Head, Dr Elna Rudolph, talks to Clement Manyathela on the Clement Manyathela Show on 702. For the curious!

For updates on the show, follow us on Twitter: @TheRealClementM and @DrElnaRudolph

Dr Elna Rudolph and Clement Manyathela on “Friends with benefits”:

Ever considered having a friend with benefits? Maybe you should think twice and make sure you know the rules, before you engage…

Make sure that you communicate and check in with each other frequently.  Emotions and expectations can change at any point.  If it is just casual sex, it is one thing, but if a true friendship results in an entaglement, somebody is likely to get hurt (or a romantic relationship might eventually develop!)

If a group of friends are hooking up and swopping out – what are the possible complications? How do you manage that?  It sounds a lot like a swingers club without clear rules to me.  Fewer people are likely to get hurt if the rules are clear!  

Please note: Not everybody has the emotional capacity and maturity to do it.  If you decide not to do it, it is also okay!

@TheRealClementM and I had a nice chat about the Golden Rules on #TheClementManyathelaShow on 702. Get the Relationships focus podcast here

The duo on “Break-up sex”:

Break-up sex is VERY complicatedIs it ever a, but is it ever good idea? Can it be done “correctly”? Make sure that you are still protected against STIs and unwanted pregnancies.  Make sure both of you give enthusiastic consent before you do it!

That said, why is it so very hot!? Even much better than before? Listen to the podcast to find out…

To listen to the podcast from July 2020, about break-up sex, click here.


Dr Elna Rudolph on 702 – Want to set up a consultation with me to discuss any of this? Contact me here!

Minki van der Westhuizen is one of the most loved South Africa celebrities.  She is the presenter of MINKI – a talk show on @ViaTV where she invites famous South Africans into her lounge for heartfelt discussions.  The show is in its 5th season and loved by many South Africans.

Minki and I have been friends for years. She invited me to have a weekly slot on her show to answer her viewers’ sex and relationship questions.

You might think that having a sexologist on an Afrikaans talk show will be very awkward. I am known for my professional, yet fun and frank approach to sexual health matters.  You can rest assured that will try my best to share it with you in an authentic, natural manner that will not make you feel too uncomfortable!

If you would like to submit a question to me to be answered anonymously during the #MINKI Show, you can send it to

Join Minki and Dr Elna Rudolph on Wednesdays at 19h30 on Via, Channel 147.  Follow them on Instagram for more information @minkivanderwesthuizen and @sexologistmom


Dr Elna Rudolph – die nuwe seksuoloog op #Minki, @ViaTV – kanaal 147, DSTV, Woensdae 19h30

Besoek ViaTV vir meer inligting oor die herhaling van die uitsendings hier.

Dr Elna Rudolph is offering a variety of online training courses in Sexology and Sexual Health. The My Sexual Health Sexual Pain Training Course is compulsory for any member of the My Sexual Health Team, but can be done by any healthcare provider who sees patients with sexual pain – this six-hour course will turn you into a sexual pain expert!

Click here to view or sign up for training with Dr Rudolph.

@sexologistmom is Dr Elna Rudolph’s handle on Instagram and IGTV. There are many sexologists out there and there are millions of moms, but there are not many moms of a one- and three-year olds that are also sexologists.  This page is an authentic display of the intersection between a passionate professional career as a sexologist and being a mom, trying her best and enjoying the absolute blessing of finally having a family (after years of trying!).

Join her on the journey and learn something about sex and sexuality education along the way.

Follow @sexologistmom here.

View @sexologistmom’s IGTV videos on Instagram here.

You can now watch Dr Elna Rudolph’s videos on YouTube.

Why not start with the My Sexual Health Story as an introduction to the MSH Sexual Pain Training Modules? Or learn how to do Sensate Focus Exercises.


Dr Elna also features on Grow A Pair‘s YouTube channel. They are a group of women who tackle issues that women and girls deal with every day, often with the help of a lot of champagne. Grow A Pair started as a series of short documentaries for Woman’s Month.

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Dr Elna Rudolph is the Sexual Health Consultant for Femagene. In a series of educational videos for women which Femagene has sponsored, Dr Elna authoritatively and sympathetically discusses topics applicable to women at different stages of their sexual health.

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Dr Elna Rudolph talks sexual etiquette on rrRADIO.

In this episode Mariette Snyman talks to Dr Elna Rudolph from My Sexual Health about sexual etiquette – what it is and how to effectively communicate preferences and dislikes to enjoy greater intimacy.

In Rooi Rose Radio’s (rrRADIO) new podcast series “Tussen Ons“, specialist journalist Mariette Snyman talks to various experts on women’s heart issues, sexual health and happy relationships. If you’ve ever had any questions about sensitive topics such as painful sex, erectile dysfunction, low libido, menopause and sexual etiquette, this series is for you!

Listen to the podcast here.


This is an interview with me by Boitumelo Matshaba from Move! Magazine about lubricants. Make your pick!

Read the full article here.

Make sure you also check out our products to enhance sexual pleasure.

When Pleasure Becomes Pain

Painful sex is one of the most common conditions I treat in my practice.  This article was written for medical doctors to help them to make the correct diagnosis if you have painful intercourse and more importantly point you and your doctor in the right direction to get treatment that takes the pain away completely.  I hope you or your doctor find it helpful!  You are more than welcome to make an appointment for this assessment and the appropriate treatment.

Please also have a look at our amazing products for the treatment for sexual pain.

Interested in reading more about sexual pain?  The My Sexual Health blog has many articles available on the subject.

Written by Dr Elna Rudolph

Dr Elna Rudolph
Written by Dr Elna Rudolph – Clinical Head of My Sexual Health
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