Dr Elna Rudolph on 702

My Sexual Health‘s Sexologist and Clinical Head, Dr Elna Rudolph, talks to Clement Manyathela on the Clement Manyathela Show on 702. For the curious!

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Dr Elna Rudolph and Clement Manyathela on “Friends with benefits”:

Ever considered having a friend with benefits? Maybe you should think twice and make sure you know the rules, before you engage…

Make sure that you communicate and check in with each other frequently.  Emotions and expectations can change at any point.  If it is just casual sex, it is one thing, but if a true friendship results in an entaglement, somebody is likely to get hurt (or a romantic relationship might eventually develop!)

If a group of friends are hooking up and swopping out – what are the possible complications? How do you manage that?  It sounds a lot like a swingers club without clear rules to me.  Fewer people are likely to get hurt if the rules are clear!  

Please note: Not everybody has the emotional capacity and maturity to do it.  If you decide not to do it, it is also okay!

@TheRealClementM and I had a nice chat about the Golden Rules on #TheClementManyathelaShow on 702. Get the Relationships focus podcast here

The duo on “Break-up sex”:

Break-up sex is VERY complicatedIs it ever a, but is it ever good idea? Can it be done “correctly”? Make sure that you are still protected against STIs and unwanted pregnancies.  Make sure both of you give enthusiastic consent before you do it!

That said, why is it so very hot!? Even much better than before? Listen to the podcast to find out…

To listen to the podcast from July 2020, about break-up sex, click here.


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