Meet Dr Elna Rudolph

Dr. Elna Rudolph is a highly skilled and compassionate medical doctor and sexologist based in South Africa. With her extensive knowledge of human sexuality and her commitment to providing personalized care to each of her patients, she is a trusted provider for those seeking guidance on matters related to sexual health and wellness.

Dr Rudolph is also the Clinical Head of My Sexual Health, the President of the World Association for Sexual Health and the host of popular TV Show: Uit die Slaapkamer.

Clinical Practice

What sets Dr. Rudolph apart is not only her long list of formal qualifications in Sexual Health, but her warm and non-judgmental approach to patient care. She understands that discussing sexual issues can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing for many people, and she works hard to create a safe and welcoming environment where patients can feel at ease.

She runs an online practice and consults patients face-to-face in the MSH Winelands Licensed Practice in Stellenbosch.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Elna Rudolph for a consultation today. You won’t regret it!

More about Dr Elna Rudolph

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Elna Rudolph is also the Clinical Head of My Sexual Health – a multidisciplinary team of credible sexual health providers who work together to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to patients of all ages and backgrounds.

As the Clinical Head of My Sexual Health, Dr. Rudolph plays an instrumental role in shaping the organization’s approach to patient care and ensuring that each patient receives the highest quality of care possible. She works closely with other members of the team to develop treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals.

Under Dr. Rudolph’s leadership, both My Sexual Health is dedicated to providing evidence-based, compassionate care to patients of all genders and sexual orientations. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr. Rudolph is a respected authority in the field of sexual health and an invaluable resource for patients seeking guidance and support in this area.

Additionally, Dr. Elna Rudolph has been a driving force in making sexology training more accessible in South Africa and the Global South through her online platform, sexologycourses.com. This platform offers a wide range of courses and resources for those interested in learning more about sexology, from healthcare professionals to individuals seeking personal growth and development. Through sexologycourses.com, Dr. Rudolph has created a virtual learning environment that allows students to engage with course materials at their own pace and on their own schedule. The platform offers a range of courses, from basic sexology training to advanced topics in sexual health and wellness. Dr. Rudolph has also worked to ensure that the courses offered on sexologycourses.com are affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. By making sexology training more accessible in this way, Dr. Rudolph is helping to build a more inclusive and knowledgeable community of sexual health professionals in South Africa and the Global South.

Dr. Rudolph’s expertise in the field of sexual health has also earned her recognition on a global scale. She currently serves as the President of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) – the pre-eminent international professional organisation dedicated to promoting sexual health and rights for all. In this role, Dr. Rudolph is at the forefront of shaping policies and initiatives that impact sexual health on a global scale.  She is only the second woman ever and the first person from Africa to serve in this prestigious role.

Presenter of the South African TV Show: Uit die Slaapkamer

In addition to her work as a medical doctor, sexologist, and leader in the field of sexual health, Dr. Elna Rudolph is also a popular television presenter. She hosts her own show on Via, Channel 147, with celebrity panelists, where she shares evidence-based and experience-informed information about sexual health with the general public: Uit die Slaapkamer!

The show, which has become a huge success, is a testament to Dr. Rudolph’s ability to communicate complex medical concepts in a clear and accessible way. Through her engaging and informative style, she has helped to break down the stigma surrounding sexual health issues and encouraged more people to seek the care and support they need.

By sharing her knowledge and expertise with a wider audience, Dr. Rudolph is helping to promote sexual health and wellbeing for all. Her commitment to educating the public on this important topic is just one of the many reasons why she is such a respected authority in the field of sexual health, and a trusted provider for those seeking guidance and support in this area.

You can find her on Instagram (@drelnarudolph) to experience a bit of the interplay between being a well-known sexologist and a mother of two small girls.


Face-to-Face and Online Consultations:

Dr. Rudolph is passionate about all aspects of sexual health and offers a wide range of sexual health services.  Painful sex, hormones, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and transgender health are some of her special interests.

Email: reception@mysexualhealth.co.za


If you are a sexologist and looking for supervision, Dr Elna Rudolph is the ideal suspervisor – she has a host of qualifications, more than ten years of experience and a deep passion for Sexual Health.  Contact us if you are interest.

Talks and Training

Sexual Health Training:

Through www.sexologycourses.co.za – the Training and Education Division of My Sexual Health, Dr Rudolph has revolutionised Sexual Health Training in South Africa and the Global South.  Her most recent courses are available online.

For more informational about Sexual Health Training and Education, contact Delene van Dyk: courses@mysexualhealth.co.za

Sexual Health Talks:

If you are interested in a fun and frank talk about sexuality, book Dr. Rudolph!  She is an excellent speaker with up-to-date knowledge of the topic and is loved by audiences from all walks of life from all over the globe.  For more information, please send an email to info@mysexualhealth.co.za

In the Media

Dr. Elna Rudolph is the host of the weekly TV Show UIT DIE SLAAPKAMER (with English subtitles) on Via (channel 147 on Wednesdays at 21:00).

She is well-known in South Africa and is frequently asked for her expert opinion by newspapers and magazines. She has also been a guest on various other television and radio shows, including a regular guest on Clement Manyatela’s show on 702.


Want to know about Dr. Rudolph’s involvement with the pharmaceutical industry and her financial interests in medical organisations? Click here to view her full list of disclosures.

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