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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a novel treatment modality involving the use of elements from a person’s own blood to promote healing and rejuvenate certain areas of the body.

Although it has been used to treat sports injuries for years, it was recently put in the spotlight by Kim Kardashian who had the so-called “Vampire Facial” where the platelet rich plasma is injected into the face to make you look younger.

PRP has gained popularity in sexual medicine, with what is known as the “O-shot” or “P-shot”. These “shots” are advertised to enhance sexual function – to make the penis bigger and more sensitive and to make the female genitalia more sensitive and enhance orgasm.

PRP has been widely researched and has proven to be successful in treating the following conditions:

  • Lichen Sclerosis
  • Incontinence
  • Decreased Vaginal or Penile Sensitivity (with difficulty to orgasm)
  • Small Penis
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Peyronie’s Disease

Patients suffering from these conditions can make an appointment for an initial evaluation. We do not offer the product to any patient who has not been consulted and evaluated for its suitability. You can request a thirty-minute appointment and state that it is for a PRP evaluation. Once you have been fully informed about the procedure, as well as other treatment options available for your condition, an appointment will be scheduled for the procedure.

You will arrive thirty minutes before your appointment with the doctor. A nursing sister will take a blood sample from you. Two big ampules are filled with blood and then spun down in a centrifuge. During this process, the platelet rich plasma gets separated from the rest of the cells. The trained nursing sister then extracts the PRP and activates it by adding chemicals. The PRP is then prepared in a sterile syringe, for the doctor to be used during the procedure.

You will be offered a very potent local anesthetic cream that you have to apply to your genital area as soon as your blood sample has been taken. This cream is usually sufficient as an anesthetic, but we do also offer conscious sedation (where a light anesthetic is administered through a drip by another doctor), or a ring block of the penis for men. This will be discussed with you during your first consultation.

The doctor will prepare the area by cleaning it with a disinfectant. The PRP is then administered by multiple injections using a very small needle. The areas that will be injected will also be discussed with you during the first consultation. In women, it might include the clitoris, around the vaginal opening, the labia and in the area of the G-spot. In men it might include the carona (ring around the head and specifically the frenulum) of the penis, the head and the shaft. The procedure takes only a few minutes and you will be able to go back to work or resume your daily activities if you did not receive conscious sedation.

The risks involved in PRP are minimal. It is still seen as an experimental treatment when it comes to sexual health related issues. No serious adverse events have been reported in the literature. Any injection can cause bleeding and infection. You will be observed for bleeding after the procedure and advised to report any sings of infection. The procedure will not be performed in patients with active, untreated infections. We can also not perform the procedure on patients who are taking blood thinners as there might be an increased risk of bleeding.

One of the complications that have been reported anecdotally, is unwanted orgasms by women. A prolonged erection in men is also a theoretical risk. Men with erections lasting longer than four hours, should report to casualties. Women with unwanted orgasms or any other complications in men and women, should inform the doctor who performed the procedure immediately.

We now have the facilities at the Bryanston practice to offer PRP to patients. Patients are required to first book a consultation in order to evaluate them for the appropriateness of the procedure.

To book your consultation, please phone 086 7272 950. Please state that it is for a PRP evaluation. When you then book the actual procedure, make sure you mention that it is for PRP and find out exactly what time you will see the nurse and what time you will see the doctor. If you decide to use conscious sedation, please also inform the receptionist in order to book the second doctor who will be performing the conscious sedation.

Dr Elna Rudolph
Article written by Dr Elna Rudolph – Medical Doctor, Sexologist and Clinical Head of My Sexual Health.
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How’s Your Sex Drive?

Published by Bayer Men’s Health SA.

How’s Your Sex Drive? Interview discussion with Dr. Elna Rudolph. Brought to you by Bayer in the interest of men’s health. #owntheoomph


Movember: Visiting the “Dick Doctor”

Movember: Visiting the Dick Doctor

Published by Grow A Pair.

Movember was something of great interest and concern to us as a team! So our guest Thabani Gigaba agreed to take one for the team and visit the “Dick Doctor” for a Men’s Health examination in support of Movember! We would like to inspire and motivate all men to be healthy and get their goods checked!

Thank you to:

Our guest – Thabani Gigaba

Dr. Elna from My Sexual Health for your informative consultation and ongoing support.

Cool Your Jets, Anja Venter and Ilze van Heerden for the awesome illustration and animation.

Amazing humans for the music track: “The Beast from Benoni”, “The Phoenix Strangler”, “Hammer Head” & “Gunslinger” by The Moths.


Movember Chat – What should we know?

Movember Chat – What should we know?

Published by Grow A Pair.

Movember was something of great interest and concern to us as a team! So we decided to meet up with a couple of guys and discuss some Men’s Health related issues. We discussed numerous topics regarding men’s health and what we should know as men or women about our bodies!

Thank you to:

Our guests – Kagiso Motsei, Thabani Gigaba, Thlabaki Setlalentoa, George Sotiropoulos.

Dr. Elna from My Sexual Health for your ongoing support.

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How are your erections?

How are your erections?

Published by Bayer Men’s Health SA.

How are Your Erections? Discussion with Dr. Elna Rudolph. Brought to you by Bayer in the interest of men’s health.


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Multiple Sclerosis: Your Guide to Sexual Health & Intimacy

Multiple Sclerosis: Your Guide to Sexual Health & Intimacy

Guide to sexual health and intimacy for people living with Multiple Sclerosis, and those who love them. By Dr. Elna Rudolph.

Sexuality is an integral part of every person. Whether you are in touch with it or not, whether you enjoy it or not, whether you can still do it or not – you remain a sexual being. We all have the need to feel loved and give love in return. Apart from that, most people experience great joy in being close to another person – physically and emotionally.

This guide provides information and suggestions to equip you to deal with some of the challenges you might be experiencing in your sexual journey due to your diagnosis of MS.

Download the full guide here.


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Sex Q & A with Dr. Elna Rudolph

Sex Q & A with Dr. Elna Rudolph

Dr. Elna Rudolph answers a few questions about sex.

My partner wants to try anal sex more often, but I don’t enjoy it. I’m worried that if I don’t do it, he will feel unfulfilled…

There are certain no-no’s when it comes to sex in relationships and they are different for each couple. The one might never want to have sex unless she first had a shower, the other will never allow oral sex, and another will not do it with the lights on. These taboos should be respected by the partner, but it does not mean that they cannot shift when the reasons behind them are explored and some basic information with specific suggestions are given in the form of sex education or formal therapy.

When it comes to anal sex being one of the taboos, there are usually two reasons: Firstly some people have religious or moral issues with it. These can be quite difficult to shift and should sometimes just be respected. The other reason is that it is just too uncomfortable and therefore really not enjoyable. Guys expect that they will be able to just penetrate their partners as easily as it looks in porn. The reality is that most people have to go through a process to get used to being stimulated first around and then in the anus. Start with some light touch and rubbing and then move to inserting a well lubricated little finger and then progressively go larger from there. If you are really committed to it, you could also practice by yourself to get used to what it takes for the anal sphincter to relax. Like any muscle, it has the ability, but it takes time. If you perceive the attempt at penetration to be threatening and you anticipate the pain, the muscle will just go into spasm and make it more difficult and unpleasant.

How many times a week is it normal to masturbate? I’m in a long-term relationship and masturbate at least once a week, but my partner says he never does.

It depends on many things. If there is so-called “desire discrepancy” in a couple (which is the case in most relationships!) the partner with the higher desire is left frustrated if he or she does not masturbate. Masturbating is also a form of self-loving and soothing. You might get something completely different from masturbating than what you get from sex and therefore remain to have a need for it although you are in a very sexually fulfilling relationship. More than five times a week probably becomes excessive (according to international definitions anyway). It is also normal to never masturbate if you are in steady relationship. Whatever works for you.

I found a stash of lesbian porn on my husband’s computer and watched a video out of curiosity. It really got me off. What does this mean? Am I a closet lesbian?

Not necessarily. Up to 80% of women get turned on by some girl-on-girl action! You are a lesbian (if we have to use such a rigid term) if you would like to build a life with another woman. If lesbian porn excites you, you have just expanded your repertoire of excitement and fantasy.

I sometimes feel like my husband and I are more in the best friend zone than sexually connected. What can I do to get the spark back?

Make sure that you create special experiences when it comes to sex. The longer the relationship, the more difficult it is to create more and more exciting sexual experiences and then you get stuck in a rut.

It is however possible to create a special experience in a different way each time. Take time to make love through sensual massages and external stimulation, do the romantic candle lights and special music thing, make regular dates for love making, increase the oxytocin (bonding hormone) between you by looking each other in the eye, hugging and cuddling – all things to make a concerted effort to say: this is a special relationship with an intimate bond, not merely a friendship.

The more you are like friends, the more difficult these things are, but get started sooner rather than later!

How do I get my partner to go down on me more often?

Ask for it! Make sure you have the hair and hygiene under control and buy some special lubes that taste nice to encourage him. Returning the favor also goes a long way in encouraging him! (His favour might not be oral sex, it might be something else he loves that you are not doing frequently – find out what that is).

My guy doesn’t know how to make me climax – while he’s well-endowed, he’s not an expert at making it work. How do I nudge him in the right direction?

Firstly, you have to be honest about the fact that you are not getting there. Make it about you, not him. Tell him that there is only a specific way that works for you to come and you want to show him how to help you to get there. Show him how you do it and let him get involved in taking over more and more of the stimulation each time.

If he is offended by this and does not want to cooperate, think twice about sorting out a budget or raising kids with him!

How do I tell if he has an STI?

Sometimes you see a discharge, sore, blister, bump or wart in your genital area. It might have a bad smell or burn when you urinate. The reality is that most of the times you won’t even know about it. You will have to get tested.

I’ve just woken up from a night of tantric sex, but I’ve broken out in a nasty rash – I think it might be from the latex condoms we used. Are there any others we could try?

You could get latex-free condoms, but they are very difficult to find. Order them off the internet. It can also be due to oils you used for massaging.

I’m really in love with my partner but I struggle to get turned on by him. What should I do?

Check your hormone levels. Getting turned on is heavily dependent on testosterone. If you are taking an oral contraceptive, it breaks down and block your testosterone and therefore it is difficult to become sexually aroused. Some women just don’t produce enough testosterone. It can be supplemented through the skin, though. Never ever through injections!

My partner is amazing in bed, but he enjoys taking drugs before sex. I sometimes do it with him, but it bothers me that he wants to be high when we’re having sex. How do I tell him?

Be honest about it. tell him that you value the relationship and that you would like to have real intimacy with him and not just a fun, exhilarating experience. Ask him to do it your way every second time.

My partner is always super aroused when we’re in public, and not so much in private. While the thrill of getting caught is sexy, I’m over the riskiness. How do I get him to be as aroused when we’re at home?

It has to do with his sexual arousal template that was probably formed in his brain before the age of nine! He will have to learn that he has a very rigid arousal template and that it can actually be adapted and expanded. He also has to learn that sex is sometimes not that exciting, sometimes it is more special and for the purpose of bonding than for the purpose of that ultimate high. Guys with a rigid arousal template often have problems with real intimacy and if the problem is really severe, it should be addressed in therapy.

I’m very attracted to my partner, but during sex, I get uncomfortable and clamp up. How do I get over this?

That sounds like it could be vaginismus. We are a team of professionals that specialise in helping women deal with this problem. I wish there was a one-liner answer to that one, but unfortunately there isn’t. It’s usually caused by a combination of medical conditions, childhood trauma, religious upbringing with excessive guilt, poor sex education, psychological as well as relationship issues. These all need to be addressed for you to stop clamping up with the man you love.

Help! His penis is too big!

You can use muscle relaxants, better lube, vaginal dilators and even physiotherapy to get over this hurdle! There is also a device from Pure Romance, called Super Stretch Lips, that you can put over his penis to keep a part of it outside of the vagina during intercourse, but it is usually the girth that is the problem. Make sure you have pleeently of foreplay in order for your body to get ready for penetration.

Help! His penis is too small!

Make sure you get satisfied before penetration happens. You can also do kegel exercises and even see a physiotherapist that specialises in the area to help you strengthen your muscles in order to “feel” him better. A device like a We-Vibe also helps to improve the sensation during penetration if you need more than what he ‘has to offer’.

My boyfriend asked me to stick a finger in his bum while we were having sex. At first, I wasn’t keen, but eventually I agreed, and he said he had the most intense orgasm ever. Now he wants to do it all the time. Does this mean he’s gay?

No, not at all! It just means that he has discovered his p-spot. The nerve that supplies sensation this area is the same as the one that supplies your clitoris, so you do the math.

My new boyfriend has marathon-runner stamina in the bedroom. Sex goes on forever. I actually start getting bored and sometimes even chafed. How can I make him come faster?

Ask him to! If he can’t, he has what is called delayed ejaculation. Although it is a difficult condition to treat in sex therapy or sexual medicine, it can be done. Firstly, check if he is not on anti-depressant drugs that may be causing the problem. That can easily be changed to a different type, if it is the case. You can also tell him that you will help him come in another way or he can get himself there (which is usually much quicker) but you are only up for ten minutes of penetration in any one round (the vagina struggles to stay lubricated for longer than that in most women).

I want to do a striptease for my guy but I’m really uncoordinated and I’m worried it’s going to be more comedy than sexy. What’s the best costume to wear that’s easy and sexy to remove?

Probably a man’s shirt, tie and a top hat. Make sure you have the sexy stockings with dispensers and heals that you can still move in to complete the outfit (or at least that is what I’m told by the Carmen Electra Strip Tease DVD that was given by a friend! Not exactly the content covered in a Master’s Degree in Sexual Health!).

I don’t feel pain during sex, but afterwards, I bleed for two to three days, as if I’m having a period. What’s up?

You probably have an infection. See a gynae or doctor who knows something about this as soon as possible! Worst case scenario – it might be a cancer, so don’t wait!

I had my period twice last month. Google says it may be due to stress and my diet. But now I’m feeling some pain below my stomach. What could it be?

Ovarian cysts can cause abnormal bleeding and lower abdominal pain. You need to see a gynae or at least get a pelvic ultrasound done.

What can I do to reduce wetness before and during intercourse?

It may sound a bit strange, but you can just be practical about it and keep a towel handy to remove some of the excess moisture. We also compound a special cream to be applied into the vagina prior to sex to reduce the lubrication. Just also check for an infection. Sometimes the wetness is not lubrication but actually from an infection. Another option is to go onto a low dose estrogen contraceptive. That often causes vaginal dryness which could help in your case.

How do I tighten and strengthen my vaginal muscles?

You can get lots of information about Kegel Exercises on the internet – with different variations and programmes. Many women find it difficult to isolate these muscles and end up squeezing everything but their vaginal muscles. There are physiotherapists who specialise in this area. They will teach you how to do it through biofeedback.

My husband is 63; I’m 31, but he wants sex every day – sometimes twice a day! I can’t keep up. What should I do?

It can be that he just has a very healthy appetite but it can also be that he has a discomfort in his pelvic area that is released through intercourse, something called persistent genital arousal disorder, or it might be that he has an addiction. With professional help, it can be established which one of the three it is. The point however, is that his high desire cannot be your responsibility. You can have sex as many times as you are willing and able to, but the rest of the time, he will have to sort it out himself.

It can also be a hormonal imbalance which can be addressed medically, so get help if you are taking strain.

I lost my brother six months ago, but am still feeling the loss so I have bouts of depression that kill my sex drive to the point where I don’t even want to be touched or kissed, and its taking strain on my marriage. I can’t take anything hormone based as I have a factor 5 laiden disorder. Is there anything I can do or try to help me out my slump?

One the one hand you just have to be patient with yourself and give yourself time to get over this extremely traumatic life experience. It takes time and it is normal to lose your libido when you have depression.

On the other hand, make sure you get professional help. See a psychologist and take an anti-depressant that does not take your libido away. Something that works very well, but only if you are not anxious, is a drug called bupropion. It can actually boost your libido even if you don’t have depression.

My cramps before and during my period are awful! Is there anything I can do to ease them?

You can go onto the pill or have the Mirena inserted. Natural medicine like Premular or Femiscript also helps. Many women find benefit from using Evening Primrose Oil.

My IUD cut my guy during sex. Is something wrong?

Yes, definitely! It is falling out and probably not effective as a contraceptive anymore! Have it removed and replaced immediately. Sometimes when the strings are cut too short, they sting the partner, but if he got a cut, it was from the actual device itself and it should be removed.

My partner and I are both virgins. How can we make our first time really special?

By taking it really slow. Make sure you have covered base one, two and three before you try to have sex. Also make sure he can insert two fingers into your vagina without hurting you. Don’t expect to have orgasms, just enjoy the uncharted waters of really being one for the first time. You can add more movement and stimulation as time goes on.

My friends say they love having their nipples played with. Mine aren’t sensitive so I don’t really enjoy it. Is there something wrong with me?

No, you probably have other areas that get you going, focus on those and make sure you partner knows about them. If they are not very sensitive, normal kissing and sucking might not feel like much to you. Try a bit more pressure that goes towards pain (but not painful) – that could be very intense and pleasurable for women with nipples that are not very sensitive. Vibration also makes a difference.

What does an orgasm feel like?

It is different for every women – some say it feels like sneezing and others like dying! You have to find out for yourself. One thing that all orgasms have in common is a climax (or a few of them) and then a fall. There is a definite point where you can feel that you are experiencing a release. If the release is gradual or the pleasurable sensation just kind of weans off, you did not have an orgasm. You will know if you did.

I keep getting yeast infections, but my guy won’t treat himself at the same time.

Yeast infections love the vaginal pH, they usually don’t survive on a guy’s penis. The fact that you are getting recurrent infections is not due to him not being treated, it is most likely due to you not being sufficiently treated, or it might not a yeast infection but bacterial vaginosis or even an STI. If it is an STI, he will need to be treated as well. Guys get candida only if they have very low immunity like with HIV or diabetes.

Getting rid of yeast infections often require repeated regular dosages of oral anti-fungal medication, restoring the balance of the pH in your vagina and removing triggers for yeast infections like bubble baths and food that is high in sugar.

We often see atypical yeast infections like candida glabrata. You should get a vaginal swab MCS and ask for specific culture and sensitivity for the candida.


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Why Fit Women Have Much Better Sex

Why Fit Women Have Much Better Sex

By Cindy Kuzma. Partly edited by Dr. Elna Rudolph.

The perfect playlist helps get you in the mood. Sweat beads on your skin, your heart races and your muscles contract. By the time you’re finished, you’re breathless, maybe drained, but also gloriously satisfied.

What popped to mind first – your last great workout or your last sex session? Working out and getting busy between the sheets run along parallel cardiovascular, muscular and neurological pathways, which is why they set off similar chain reactions.

Recently, researchers have made important discoveries about the body and brain connections of sex and exercise. “Being physically active seems to be a potent aphrodisiac for women,” says Dr Tina Penhollow, an associate professor of health promotion, who has published research on how exercise affects sexual self-esteem and self-perception. In fact, regular exercise may play a more important role in sexual satisfaction than many other factors, including stress, weight – even your current relationship status (or lack thereof).

It makes sense then, that taking charge in the gym can lead to surprising benefits in the bedroom, and vice versa. In case you don’t believe us, read on for eight verified ways in which your workout can benefit your sex life.

1. Sharpen your focus

All too common: he’s showing you his best moves, but you’re thinking about your to-do list. “Exercise can help sync your mind to your body, as well as quiet your racing brain so you can focus on the task at hand”, says Dr Lori Brotto, director of the Sexual Health Laboratory at the University of British Columbia in Canada. If you engage in vigorous exercise regularly, you may not realise it, but you are also training your mind to become extremely focused.  Use this same focus when you are in bed together – focus on your breathing, the natural deeper breathing will make you more and more aroused. In the same way you do when you exercise, you focus on maintaining a rhythm, listen to the queues from your body to enhance pleasure. During exercise, you may push yourself harder or slow down a little – try doing the same in bed.

2. Fast-track your happy ending

Studies have shown that women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to orgasm faster and more intensely. US researchers found that female study participants were 169 percent more aroused (as indicated by blood flow in genital tissue) while watching a short porn flick after 20 minutes of vigorous cycling than when they watched it without riding beforehand (and no, it had nothing to do with saddle placement). When you get excited, blood surges into the clitoral bulbs, making the entire region around the vagina responsive to pleasure. Cardio helps blood pump faster to the right parts of your body (great!); it can also reduce chronic inflammation, which can damage blood vessels and decrease circulation, putting a damper on your sexual bliss. Got your running shoes on yet?

3. Hit the sweet spot with HIIT

A healthy pair of lungs helps express your elation with more gusto, of course, but you’ll have a lot more to scream about if you learn to control your breath. Partners who breathe in tandem may create a bigger build-up, which can intensify pleasure. And women who take short, quick breaths as they reach climax – rather than holding their breath – may reduce carbon dioxide in the blood, possibly intensifying vaginal contractions. High-intensity interval training is one way to increase lung capacity; or try the 1:2 Pranayama yoga breathing technique. Lie on your back, knees bent, and take deep breaths. Increase the length of your exhalation until it’s double your inhalation. Aim for four seconds in, eight seconds out. Do this every day for five minutes with your partner. You’ll be vocalising your gratification through the grand finale later that night.

4. Rev your libido in the weights room

During a single resistance workout, your body produces higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone, hormones that play a pivotal role in muscle growth – and sex drive. A 2013 study found that hitting the weight room regularly (three days a week) keeps levels of these hormones higher. That, along with the stress-busting benefits of pumping iron, can stoke greater sexual desire, says Kim Chronister, author of The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation.

5. Increase endurance with kettlebells

Some women can take 12 minutes – or longer – to orgasm. Many women are out of breath with minimal exercise long before 12 minutes.  Make sure you are fit enough to get every possible ounce of pleasure from sex.  Once you’re there, about to orgasm, you definitely don’t want to miss out due to a lack of endurance! If your body fizzles out prior to that, you may be missing out, says sex therapist Denise Onofrey. Regular physical activity improves stamina and trains your muscles to hold out longer by using energy more efficiently. The result? You won’t have to pause prematurely to give your aching arms or tired legs a break during your next epic sex session. Try adding two sets of eight barbell squats and kettlebell lunges to your workout to strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings and biceps, which will take the brunt of the exertion during most bedroom workouts.

6. Feel sexier with a sweat session

Turns out, exercise also transforms the way you view your body – and how you enjoy sex. Penhollow found that women who exercised frequently and reported higher levels of personal fitness were more likely to rate their desirability and sexual performance high above average. Researchers found that women of all <ital.> sizes who reported greater body appreciation (for their physical abilities, such as progress in the weight room) were more easily aroused, enjoyed sex more and had more orgasms.

7. Lighten your mood

Even feeling just a little down in the dumps can weaken desire, says Chronister. Exercise leads to an immediate rush of mood-lifting, stress-dissolving endorphins; it’s such a potent antidepressant that some research suggests regular workouts are as effective as psychiatric medications.

8. Shed weight and your inhibitions

Some women get seriously distracted – even totally turned off – when their partner touches one of their less-than-favourite body parts mid-romp. A consistent workout routine can help: when Italian researchers put a small group of obese women with sexual complaints in a supervised weight-loss program (that included diet and about 10 hours of low-intensity exercise per week), they not only lost an average of 15kg, but also reported higher levels of lubrication and sexual frequency after 16 weeks. Study authors note that weight loss does more than improve body image: it also helps improve insulin resistance. Overweight women whose bodies can’t use the hormone to process glucose also tend to have lower levels of testosterone, which dampens self-confidence and sexual response.

9. Heighten sensitivity with cardio

And we don’t mean crying during sex. The tissue that forms the clitoris contains 8 000 nerve fibres that extend into the entire pelvic region, including the vaginal walls. US researchers found that physical activity can also prime your body for sexual activity by making you more sensitive to touch and increasing the effect of stimuli by revving up a network of neurons that control your arousal.

True Or False

We separate sexercise facts from fiction…

You can orgasm mid-exercise

TRUE. US researchers found that about 40 percent of women who reported having an exercise-induced orgasm (better known as “coregasms”) said it happened suring ab exercises, like leg raises. Next in line? Weight-lifting (27 percent), yoga (20 percent) and cycling (16 percent).

Sex counts as a workout

FALSE. Nice try, but in most cases, sex should be filed in the “light activity” category –next to bowling or a casual stroll. According to the Women’s Health/Men’s Health 2014 Sex Survey, you want sex to last 30 minutes. Even if it’s super intense, the effort isn’t enough to get you a free pass from the gym.

Cycling can hurt your hoo-ha

TRUE, but rarely: the excessive pressure that exists in cycling and horse riding is reported to cause sexual dysfunction, says Dr Irwin Goldstein, editor of The Journal Of Sexual Medicine. These activities can increase the risk of damage to your pudendal nerve, which sends signals to and from your clitoris. Wearing padded shorts can help reduce pressure.

The Power Of Pleasure

Having more sex can actually score you better results from your workouts. Solo sex counts too!


Research shows that female pain tolerance increases significantly during orgasm, thanks to a rush of hormones that act as natural painkillers. The effect can linger for up to two days, so there’s another pay-off: you may be able to push a little harder during your next workout.


People with active sex lives tend to work out more and have better dietary habits than those who get it on less often. Why? During sex, as well as exercise, your brain releases higher levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that fuels motivation. The brain learns to seek more both in the bedroom and the gym, says Kim Chronister, author of The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation.


After an orgasm, levels of prolactin and oxytocin rise, bringing on a drowsy feeling, which helps improve sleep quality over time, says Chronister. That’s crucial for your fitness: sleep spikes levels of muscle-building hormones and aids recovery.


Research has found that women who have more orgasms and more frequent sex may have a higher resistance to coronary heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

The Better-Sex Workout

Kegels aren’t the only exercise with down-below pay-offs. Bring on the fireworks with these four simple strength moves from trainer Jennifer Searles. For more gratifying sessions in the sack, mix three sets of each into your regular gym routine up to three days a week.


This motion improves hip mobility and glute strength to increase your dynamic power (or, shall we say, your thrust capacity).

DO IT: Lie face-up on the floor, knees bent and feet flat (A). Press through your heels to raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees (B); squeeze your glutes for 10 seconds, then lower hips without letting them touch the floor. That’s one rep. Do 12.


This isometric move builds strength in stillness – perfect for helping you hold tricky positions longer.

DO IT: Lean against a wall with your feet about 60cm away from it, then bend your knees to 90 degrees and raise your arms in front of you. Hold for 60 seconds. (Too easy? Place a weight in your lap.)


Whether you have a kinky new pose you’re dying to try or you just want to be able to wrap your legs around him, developing more hip flexibility is crucial.

DO IT: Kneel with one foot in front of you, knees bent at 90 degrees. Keep your torso upright and rest your hands on your hips (A). Gently push your hips forward as far as you can, maintaining an upright torso (B). Hold for 10 to 20 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

Quick Tip

Increase the intensity of the stretch by raising your opposite arm straight overhead.


Be warned: this core toner may cause more intense Os.

DO IT: Lie face-up on the floor, arms out, and raise both legs to 90 degrees (A). Keeping your legs together and core engaged, slowly lower your legs, stopping just before they touch the floor (B). Pause, then slowly raise them back to start. That’s one rep; do 10.

Quick Tip

Keep your legs tightly together and your knees slightly bent.


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These types of guys often have problems with erections…

These types of guys often have problems with erections…


Condom users, protecting themselves against diseases and unwanted pregnancy

Over-worked guys with loads of stress and responsibilities

Seemingly healthy guys with chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes

Successful guys with demanding and/or successful partners with high expectations


The ones with the beer-bellies


Older guys (when it comes to erections, “older” starts at forty!)

How about you?!

Did you know:  Erectile problems can be a sign of heart disease? Check here if you are at risk:

  • Are you smoking?
  • Did you smoke for more than one year before quitting?
  • Are you taking more than 21 units of alcohol per week (one unit is one beer, one glass of wine or a single tot of hard liquor)
  • Do you get less than 30 min of exercise at least 5 days a week?
  • Do you eat less than five fresh fruits and vegetables per day and often eat fried and processed foods?
  • Did your father have a heart attack or stroke before the age of 55, and your mother before 65?
  • Do you have a big belly?
  • Do you suffer from any of the following? *
    • High blood pressure (More than 130/85)
    • High cholesterol (LDL more than 3)
    • High blood sugar levels (diabetes or pre-diabetes) (fasting glucose >5)
    • Low testosterone levels (early morning sample lower than 12)
    • Kidney disease (eGFR < 60)
    • Prostate problems (elevated PSA, BPH or infection)
    • Abdominal circumference of more than 102 cm?
    • Highly sensitive CRP above 2
    • Sleep apnoea

*If you don’t know any of your scores, ask your doctor to do these tests for you.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you might have problems with your erections already, or might develop problems in the near future.  Even more serious: You might have heart disease that you’re not aware of.

Other causes for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • Nerve problems: After surgery or injury to the pelvic area (including the prostate), or other conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, spinal cord injuries and neuropathies.
  • Pelvic floor muscle problems including weakness and spasm.
  • Medication such as anti-depressants, sedatives, blood pressure medication (especially b-blockers and diuretics), and drugs that lower testosterone, such as spironolactone, as well as medicine for stomach ulcers and heartburn.
  • Recreational drugs such as dagga or cocaine.
  • Psychological factors such as performance anxiety or relationship problems.
  • Sexual problems in your partner.
  • Medical conditions such as Peyronie’s Disease.
  • Urinary problems (going too often, dribbling afterwards, hesitancy and weak stream).